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Melanie Hoten

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My Story

I watched Scentsy from afar when it first came into NZ in 2015. Being an avid candle lover (I am talking candles in every possible place in the house as well as flame burners with melts) the products naturally sparked an interest with me - especially the fact that this was a safe way to enjoy making my home smell great(yes, there had been countless times I had gone out only to return home to find a candle still burning!).

I borrowed a warmer and some products from a consultant and was astounded at the scent throw - Vanilla Bean Buttercream was the first ever scent I warmed and this scent will forever remind me of my introduction to Scentsy. Even more than that, it was the business opportunity that interested me. I thought "Heck, these guys are really onto something here!". At this point in my life however, the thought of owning my own business was not on the cards and I just saw it as something amazing for other people and "lucky them!" (oh, if I had only known!).

Interestingly enough, I never did buy a scentsy warmer at that point in time and it wasn't until a couple of years later in March 2018 that I saw a post on my local Facebook grapevine page looking for people to try samples of Scentsy. I very quickly responded and received testers in the mail. I was so excited to smell Scentsy again and the samples did not dissappoint! I had come a long way in my thinking and self-belief at this point and decided to look properly look into the business opportunity available with Scentsy.
My reasons to look into this business may suprise you though, it wasn't to make money or a career (I didn't even comprehend that this was a possibility at this point), but it was to serve as a distraction from the career I had always worked in, in Real Estate. It was all I knew and I craved to have something else in my life that I could 'work'. I thought well it isn't going to get much more fun than working with these products and boy, I was not wrong!

I signed up at the beginning of April 2018 and my starter kit was the very first warmer and Scentsy products I personally owned! I was absolutely in love!!!
I quickly discovered upon joining Scentsy that I would not be alone and was very quickly made to feel super welcome as part of a larger team of consultants who are the most amazing cheerleaders and inspiration for each other. There were always friendly faces offering ideas, support and someone to talk to, which let's face it when you run your own business, this is a rare commodity!

Within the first 15 days of my Scentsy career I earnt the Shooting Star award and went on to earn Scentsational Start Level 2 in my first 90 days - I was like "Ok, great, I must be doing something right here!". From there, I continued working my business and my self-development has been phenomenal. I grew from someone who was very introverted, struggled with anxiety and did not enjoy social situations to someone who felt completely comfortable in my own skin, being my own authentic self. My customers and my Scentsy family as I call them, all helped me go from leap to leap to becoming a proud business owner and I realised that my Scentsy business provides exactly what I have been desiring and searching for in both a career and in life for so many years.

Fast forward to now and I can proudly call myself a "Scentsy Lifer" - I am not going anywhere except for forward with this fabulous company. My partner Robert and I have two children Bre (11) and Jade (1) and Scentsy has given us the opportunity to go forward in life and give our family the opportunities I always yearned for.
It is a family business for us with Bre often helping out with your orders and the samples that you get to try! It is teaching her (and in the future Jade) the power of working hard in your own business to build it to a place that your dreams of opportunity can be a reality. Whilst I am still currently continuing my career in Real Estate as well, we are working towards being able to retire myself from that in the future and thanks to Scentsy, Rob has had the opportunity to be a stay at home Dad to Jade.

Scentsy is such an innovative company that is always moving forward with the times and this is something that is so important when looking to partner with a business opportunity. And did I mention the free trips around the world? Yes that's right, we have the opportunity to earn trips to various locations across the world a couple of times a year, fully paid for by Scentsy - great huh?

Whilst this is my story, everyone's story is different. Perhaps you would like a hobby, an opportunity to meet new people or like me an opportunity to truly change your life and the future for your family. It doesn't come easy, it is hard work as any business you run is, but the rewards are amazing - where else can you start your own business and have it fully up and running for under $200!? I always love chatting to people about the opportunity Scentsy provides - perhaps like me initially, the time is not right now, but be inquisitive, find out more and arm yourself with the information to make a decision and find out what the Scentsy business can give to you and your family. Please do contact me anytime for a chat!

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